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I am an international student, pursuing Math and Computer Science at Grinnell College. I am passionate about software development and though I have had experiences in Android and Web development, I am looking for experiences in other fields as well.


I was born in a small town Patna in India, and have completed my middle and high school in Dehradun, India. I am now pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Grinnell, IA. I will be interning at Google with the Orbitera team this summer in their Kirkland office.

  • Fullname: Nikunj Agrawal
  • Birthday: July 04
  • Email: nik.agarwal98@gmail.com


I have previous experiences in Web development, Android development and Graphics Design. Graph Theory, Analysis of Algorithms, Object Oriented Design and Software Development are some of the courses that I've taken at Grinnell.

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Curriculum Vitae

More of my credentials

I've worked at a few places and attended some fellowship programs.

W O R K   E X P E R I E N C E

Engineering Practicum Intern

May 2018 - Present


I am interning with the Orbitera team at Google in their Kirkland office. I will be working on a full stack development project pertaining to cloud computing.


January 2018

The Impact Fellowship

The Impact Fellowship was a computer programming fellowship held in NYC. I took courses in DOM manipulation, React, Express and D3.js. By the end of the program, along with three other fellow, I built a web application called DxT which would help penetration testers contact application developers and vice versa. This application would reduce costs for security testers for startups as well as improve data security in their applications.

Android Developer

August 2016 - Present

KDIC Radio Station

KDIC Radio Station is a non-profit radio station run by Grinnell College students. I developed and currently maintain their android application. I worked on the backend of the application using OkHttp client and also redesigned the Android UI controls of the application.

Software Engineer Intern

June 2017 - August 2017

Intex Technologies

Intex Technologies is an Indian smartphone, consumer durables and IT accessories manufacturer. I worked with their Value Added Services (VAS) team to research the best UX for android smartphones. I also conducted performance tracking and success metrics via unit testing and learned how to use ADB drivers to debug applications.



July 2017

Funds Transfer Program

Funds Transfer Program is a netbanking application prototype where one can open an account, deposit, withdraw and transfer funds between two accounts in the same or different banks. I used Java Database Connectivity API to connect the application to a MySQL database to enhance the usability of the application.

Express and Jade

April 2018


Foodshare is a web application that helps students with extra meals at Dining Hall (at Grinnell College) to share their meals with who cannot afford to pay for their meals. This application aims to solve problems such as food insecurity and food waste. I worked on the backend where I built functionality for signup, login and a matching algorithm using Express. I developed this application with a team of four during a hackathon where we won the second place.


Bachelor Degree

August 2016 - Present

Grinnell College

I am a Math and Computer Science major at Grinnell. I have taken some courses such as Abstract Algebra, Graph Theory, Analysis of Algorithms, Software Development Ethics and Principles and Object Oriented Design to help me excel in what I do. I have also been on the Dean's List for all completed semesters.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

January 2012 - May 2016

The Doon School

I graduated from Doon with Physics, Math, Further Math and Economics as higher level subjects, and English, German and Chemistry as standard level subjects. I was also appointed as the School Social Service Secretary for which I was responsible for running 33 initatives to solve problems pertaining to gender inequality, lack of food and education for children and income inequality.

Other Interests

Also I'm up to this!

I like to dance, run, write and read poetry, act and go hiking during my free time.


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Grinnell College
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